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Continuous improvement is the essence of corporate culture

 Very humbly we introduce ourselves that we are a group in our region includes 6 glass factories disposes of a complex know-how of glass melting technology, main                 products (Colored glass tubes and rods, Glass tubes and rods, pressed and hollow boiling glassware products for households and laboratory, Glass Vase, Sight Glass) automatic

    manufacturing and manual working (glass melting and glass blowing forming, mechanical working and cutting). 

Our glass tubes and Lab Glassware are made from low coefficient of linear expansion (32.5x10-7/0c) Borosilicate glass, Our Households Glassware and Decorative Glass Vases made by Manual Working process and Press Machine. With our experts technology and experienced manual workers our quality controlled at every step of manufacturing to

    maintain accuracy and perfect. We alsocan undertake to make the new products as per customers design.

     We sell our products in China and abroad and offer you high quality products, and some products are equivalent to that manufactured anywhere in developed countries. We        are fully aware that the fact our customers-focused approach is the prerequisite for ensuring companys prosperity in the long-run.

      In the end you are welcome to visit our company for business negotiation, We on our part fully assure that all trade enquiries and valued orders will receive our best and                 prompt attention.

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Continuous improvement is the essence of corporate culture



Lomax makes promising prospect in Pyrex(Borosilicate) Glass Tubes& Rods
We, Huailai Lomax Glass Co. Ltd, specialize in Borosilicate(Pyrex) Glass in coeffient Expansion in 3.3 with the highest, internationally approved quality requirements-worldwide. ISO 9002 certification guarantees our customers and business partners that they are getting products that have been developed and produced to the highest international standards of quality for scientific Lab uses, Chemical Equipment Uses, Lighting, and Artwork, Solar Project etc.

Huailai Lomax Glass is famous for its Physical Properties of suitable for laboratory use, is its thermal resistance, individual properties being of particular validity. And Chemical Property of very high resistance to attack by water, neutral and acid salt solutions, strong acids and mixtures thereof, and also chlorine, bromine, iodine and organic substances. And Optical Property of high transparent and colorless of showing no significant absorption in the visible range of the spectrum.

We make our idea for controlling the quality very strictly to avoiding the stones, siding, bubble etc, We are fully aware of the fact that our customer-focused approach is a prerequisite for ensuring companys prosperity in the long-run.

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